The Beach

Burnham has a small sandy beach on the River Crouch at the Riverside Park.

Although Burnham historically has a beach area this beach is man made to provide facilities for adults and children alike.

Although it is possible to swim in the River the strong currents in this area make this unadvisable so the beach is best used for sunbathing, paddling or play.

To get to the beach by car turn into Riverside Park from Station Road (Next to Burnham Library) continue for about 400 yards, through the park, until you reach a car park. Park there and follow a footpath up an incline to the plateau past the picnic area to the Riverside where you will see the beach.

Access to the beach is via some steps.

Dogs are not allowed onto the beach.

There are other small areas of sandy and shell beaches on the banks of the River Crouch, towards the estuary, and on the sea coast. These are accessed on foot or by private farm tracks. None of these are accessible by public roads.