Road Closures on Carnival Day

On Carnival Day road closure orders are in place at various points in the town.

During the day time to protect the area of High Street around the Clock Tower where the street events take place.

In practice this excludes traffic from High Street but all other roads in Burnham have free access although the Eastern Way and Belvedere Road have access via Riverside Road only.

In the evening to protect the circular carnival route- High Street, Devonshire Road, Arcadia Road,  Dunkirk Road, Western Road, Silver Road and back into High Street

In practice this make access difficult to the many roads within the circular route. Due to the large attendance many of the roads outside the route are congested with parked cars. Traffic advice is to avoid this area for the duration of the Carnival unless your journey is essential.

The times below are approximate given that they are determined by the progress of the Carnival which means that the roads are sometimes opened sooner than stated.

Road Closure Times

10am-10pm High Street from jw Providence to jw Chapel Road

6pm to about 9.30 pm - High Street, Silver Road, Orchard road, Station Road, Western Road

7.15pm to about 9.30 pm - Station Road at Junction with Foundry Lane

NB the above times are approximate

For up to date information about the road closures Click here to visit the Burnham Carnival website