Burnham Clinic

Burnham Clinic is owned by NHS Property Services and Provide (CIC) offers a variety of clinics from the venue  for the people of Burnham and the villages of the Dengie Hundred..

Appointments are required for most of the clinics. Patients will need to be referred by their GP, Health Visitor or School Nurse.  A number of services are provided such as podiatry, child health and development services and continence advice.

Clinics times of operation can change without notice so it is worth contacting the clinic to check on the opening hours of the clinics.

FAQ about Burnham Clinic

How do I contact Burnham Clinic?

Tel :0300 303 2621

Where is Burnham Clinic?

33 Crouch Road,  Burnham-on-Crouch,  CM0 8DX

Burnham Clinic Have provided the below information

Information About Burnham Clinic


Welcome to the Burnham Community Clinic.   This guide is designed to give you information about services that are available within the Burnham and Dengie areas.

Patient’s Charter

The Trust is committed to the Patient’s Charter.  Your privacy, dignity, personal religious and cultural beliefs will be respected.  You will be treated with sensitivity, concern and courtesy at all times.


There is a strict No Smoking policy throughout the Clinic.

About the Clinic

The Clinic is open from

8.30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday

8am Tuesday and Fridays Open for booked phlebotomy only


 Reception Staff are available to deal with your enquiries, please report to them on arrival.

 A number of different services are based within the Clinic, including

High Risk Podiatry, Community Paediatricians , Smoking Cessation,Phlebotomy, Age Uk Toenail cutting  

Paediatric Orthopist, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Counselling, Hearing Help

                Access to continence assessment,

                The Reception staff will be happy to give you information about how to contact any of the Clinic services.


The following Clinics are held.  All Clinics are by appointment other than Child Health Clinic with Health Visitors.


Child Clinic with Community Paediatrician (by referral only)

High Risk Podiatry - please call 0300 131 0111

Hearing Help Clinic – once a month – drop in session 2 – 4 p.m.

Click here for details of hearing help clinic


Phlebotomy 8am – 11.30am - By appointment only

Counselling - by GP referral only


Cardiac Rehab (alternate weeks)


Phlebotomy 1.30pm-5.30pm - by appointment only

Smoking Cessation Clinic - By appointment only (appointments from 0800 1690169)

Counselling - By GP referral only


Phlebotomy 8am – 11.30am  - By appointment only

Paediatric Orthoptic Clinic – by referral only

Speech and Language Therapy - by referral only

 Your GP, school nurse or health visitor can refer you to one of the specialist clinics held at Burnham Clinic.

You can self refer to the podiatry service providing you meet the necessary criteria.

Other clinics please phone 0300 303 2621 during clinic opening hours for an appointment or further details.

Hearing Help Essex

Attend the Clinic to help with hearing aid difficulties or queries on the 1st Monday of the month between 2pm and 4pm.

 Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries and tubing are also distributed during clinic opening hours.