Refuse collection and Recycling

Domestic Refuse Collection

The Residential Refuse Collection is operated by Enterprise MRS on behalf of Maldon District Council

Refuse is only collected if left out by 7am on collection day.

Collections are between 7am and 3pm .

Most of Burnham has a collection on a Monday or a Tuesday

Black sacks are provided to all householders free of charge twice a year.

Recycling plasic bags can be obtained from Burnham Town Council Offices or Burnham Library.

Any problems with non collection, black bags, spilled waste etc should be reported to the waste collection team at Maldon District Council

What to leave in the boxes

Blue Box

All householders are supplied with a blue box for recycling

Items suitable for this blue box are glass jars and bottles

Large pieces of cardboard and plastic bottles are not suitable for the blue box.

Green Box- Food Caddie

Fruit and vegetables, raw and cooked meat or fish, bread, cake, uneaten food, plate leftovers, eggs, tea bags etc

Orange bags

clean foil, empty aerosol cans, clean tins, plastic bottles, food trays, margarine tubs etc BUT NOT Clingfilm very soft or very hard plastic.

Black Box

Items suitable for the black box are paper, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, soft backed catalogues and small cardboard.

Black Plastic Bags

The black plastic bag is used for any remaining waste that is not recyclable. Waste left in anything other than black plastic bag will not be collected.

Maldon District council has an extensive list of things that can be recycled in the various boxes and things that must not be included.

Just one wrong item may mean that a container load is treated as refuse rather than recycling so please try to comply.

Garden Waste

Three garden waste services are available to local residents

Civic amenity point

Garden waste can be taken to the civic amenity point at Springfield Road.

For details of the civic amenity point

This service is free.

Green Wheelie Bin Collection

Green wheelie bins are supplied by Maldon District Council at an annual cost.

The following items of garden waste can be placed in the bins - Hedge clippings, pruning's, twigs, bracken, cut flowers, windfalls, leaves and grass cuttings.

Bins are then collected each Wednesday during the months April to November and twice monthly from December to March

The Residential Garden Waste collection is operated by Appleton Organics on behalf of Maldon District Council

Green Sacks

Green sacks can be purchased for £1  each and filled with garden waste.

Collections have to be booked with the waste team although it is normally at the same time as the green wheelie bin collection on Wednesdays.

Sacks are available from the waste collection team at Maldon District Council.

The Green Sacks collection is operated by Appleton Organics on behalf of Maldon District Council

Waste Team, Environmental Health, Maldon District Council, Princes Road, Maldon, Essex , CM9 5DL

Tel: 01621 854477   Fax: 01621 875899

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